Port Everglades Shuttle

Quality Limo Transportation offers a wide variety of tour bus services. Among these rides is out Port Everglades shuttle, which can get you to and from the Everglades Park. These shuttle services offer you a comfortable way to experience one of Florida's most popular attractions. Read more about the Everglades park and all of the amenities it offers! It can more for an unforgettable vacation!

About This Tour Bus Service

The Park Everglades Tour Bus Service is a spectacular air-boat ride that takes you through the everglades, provides you with a thrilling alligator and wildlife nature show, and take you to an observation platform overlooking the alligator farm. And there is much more when you book a ride with QLS today! Just be sure to bring your camera along for the ride! This tour is a must see attraction in the area and one of the most popular ones we provide.

Shuttle Pricing

The prices for these shuttles depend on where you are coming from or going afterwards. The rates include round-trip transfer, entrance to the park and the air-boat ride. Below are our various pricing options:

  • From Fort Lauderdale area - returning to Fort Lauderdale: $48/person + tax
  • From Miami area - returning to Fort Lauderdale: $55/person + tax
  • From Miami area - returning to Miami area: $55/person + tax

*Service is available for a party of 6 or more passengers

Port Everglades Shuttle Booking

Quality Limo Transportation has years of experience providing dependable and affordable shuttle services for those vacationing in Florida. Chief among these services is our Port Everglades shuttle services. For more information about all that we offer, please contact us today. We offer popular tours in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and beyond! The number to call to book a tour is 1-888-757-0021. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding all that we offer. Book a ride today!